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In 2020, I was approached by the University of Illinois at Springfield about creating a program specifically designed for neurodivergent audiences and their families.  I based this show off of the Kennedy Center Guidelines for Sensory Friendly Programming and created a show that explores folk and family music on a wide range of unique and interesting instruments; a 1930's resonator slide guitar, 1880 era hammer dulcimer, 1890 skin head banjo, acoustic guitar, and jaw harp.  The unique nature of these instruments created a visual interest as well as a musical interest, while the music was family friendly and participatory.  

In order to prepare the audience for the experience, I created a Social Story video explaining who I am and what they will be seeing and hearing.  You can see it here:
The idea is to create a safe environment where people of all types of neurological diversity can feel welcomed and can interact in anyway they feel comfortable.  I do this by preparing the audience for what they are about to experience and working with the venue to create the support needed to make this a successful performance for everyone! I include a teachers guide and a Visual Schedule explaining what they will see and hear at the show.  here is an example of that:  Visual Schedule.  You can check out a quick video from the show below
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