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House Concerts

Chris is available to share his music at the homes of fans who would like to experience a one hour (or more) show – in your living room, on your front porch, or even in your backyard. It’s a fine way to celebrate a special event with friends and/or love ones (Anniversary? Birthday? Blue Moon?). It’s an affordable “one-of-a-kind” experience for your next get-together and it’s a unique gift for the person on your list who has everything!

Chris will come to your home and perform your favorites from his repertoire. He has his own sound system (so, no rental costs for you!); but for most small and intimate events he can sing and play without amplification.

What’s the cost? As the father of a teenage girl who goes through shoes like chewing gum, Chris will consider any reasonable offer. Bear in mind he has to come out ahead after covering his travel expenses and such. Weekend days and nights will tend to run higher.


He drives most places and doesn’t require expensive lodging, so travel is usually quite reasonable. Depending on the circumstances, you might consider charging admission or asking for a free will donation. When everyone gives just a little, there’s no need for the hosts to give a lot!

Book a House Concert

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