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Hickory Ridge Concert Series

The Hickory Ridge Concert Series is a once a month acoustic music concert series that I’ve been producing in one form or another non stop since 1989.  We are currently working in partnership with the Dickson Mounds Museum, a branch of the Illinois State Museum that sits on the bluffs of the Illinois River Valley overlooking the Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge.   This has been an excellent partnership and we are in the middle of our 24nd year there (and our 27th year in all).  We feature folk, blues, old time, singer-songwriter and even on rare occasions, bluegrass music in the handicapped accessible 150 seat auditorium of the Dickson Mounds Museum.

PERFORMERS:  I usually book solo and duo professional players from the region and only rarely use larger acts or book nationally touring acts.  Performers who are interested in being considered for performance should download the “Potential Performer Letter“ to learn about the gig.  If you are appropriate to the venue and are interested in being considered, please email me (do not call).  As you would expect, I always have three times as many interested performers as I have performance slots so be prepared to wait a while.

AUDIENCE:  Concerts take place every third Saturday of the month all year long in the comfort of the Dickson Mounds Museum auditorium. We feature the best in roots, folk and acoustic music of all kinds. Showtime is 7:00 pm, admission is $8.00 for adults; $5.00 for kids under 12.

July 20th - Ross Sermons performs the songs of Guy Clark 

Ross Sermons is a ace Nashville sideman and excellent player who has created a special show of songs in tribute to the great Texas songwriter Guy Clark.   Ross played bass on my Lincoln in Song and Last Day of Winter CD's before leaving the US for Tasmania, Australia.  He returns for a special tour to celebrate the work of one of america;'s greatest songwriters, Guy Clark.

August 17th, Micheal Jonathan

 The host of Woodsongs Radio Hour and TV show returns with great traditional, original and contemporary folks songs on guitar and banjo.  Johnathon has a long-standing career in the arts as a songwriter, musician, playwright, composer of the opera.  He spent three years traveling up and down the hollers of the Appalachian mountains knocking on doors and learning the music of the mountain people.  He experienced hundreds of front porch hootenannies where folks would pull out their banjos and fiddles, sit on their front porches with him and play the old songs that their grandparents taught them.  

September 21st - Max and Ruth Bloomquist
Ruth and Max celebrate 40 years of performing their style of Acoustic Americana, with roots in Folk, Bluegrass, and traditional Country music. Ruth is well known for her songwriting as well as her striking alto voice. She was a winner of Merlefest’s Chris Austin Song Writing competition in 2003 with her gospel number, By The River. Ruth was named Outstanding Vocalist of the Month for December 2006 by Singer Universe Magazine. 
October 19th - David Cofell
Performer, Songwriter and Guitarist Dave Cofell draws his inspiration from the worlds of Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Jazz, Country and Classical Music. His performances draw you in with storytelling infused with humor and wisdom accumulated during his formative years in Central Minnesota. Dave is a man devoted to the lifestyle of the traveling musician, each year covering tens of thousands of miles in the United States and Europe.  He perform a mix of original and traditional Cowboy songs.
November 16th - Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers


The Sapsuckers perform original songs and fiddle tunes inspired by the classic hillbilly, western-swing, and old-time fiddling traditions—and they also mine this same repertoire for forgotten gems that deserve to be heard again.  Based in Soldiers Grove, WI, the Sapsuckers are Nikki Grossman (fiddle, guitar, vocals) and Joe Hart (guitar, vocals).  Hart and Grossman are seasoned musicians and performers who have worked, together and separately, in numerous other old-time, folk, rock, and country bands, and other musical projects. 

December 21st - Kerry Patrick Clark
A special Christmas program featuring Kerry Patrick Clark, singer, songwriter, storyteller, and masterful entertainer. Called a Musical Norman Rockwell, Kerry patrick Clark is a singer, songwriter, storyteller, therapist, comedian, word painter, and masterful entertainer. Kerry is a blend of the practical and the visionary. And he’s a mixture of genres and time periods: today and yesterday, pop, folk, country, singer/songwriter, Americana. Mostly, he is solidly and quintessentially rooted in his own life experiences, which somehow magically deepen and reverberate through ours as well.