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Late in 2016, I had the opportunity to work with the WFMT Fine Arts Network on a show they were creating for national distribution called “Lincoln in Words and Music”. I was asked to arrange and record 7 pieces of music that had been written for Lincoln’s passing, many of which had never been recorded.

I received the music on October the 4th and needed to submit finished tracks by the 26th. These tracks are the result of that effort. WFMT wanted simple, sparse tracks, so I based these largely on the original piano versions reinterpreted on finger style guitar. I added in only a few rhythm parts and a little harmony, but just couldn’t resist the chance to use trilling mandolins.

It was an intriguing project- seriously arcane, dark music, but an interesting look into the way the nation mourned Lincoln’s loss.

I hope you enjoy it.

Songs on this EP were recorded for the Lincoln in Music and Letters program, produced and directed by George Zarr for the WFMT Radio Network, in collaboration with Thomas J. Kernan PhD, and the Newberry Library of Chicago, with generous support from the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation.

Ring The Bell Softly, Download Only!

    1. A Hundred Years Hence
    2. Better Times Are Coming
    3. The Assassin’s Vision
    4. A Gloom is Cast O’er All Our Land
    5. Ring The Bell Softly
    6. Our Brutus
    7. Savior of Our Country
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