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Kay was still making decent guitars in the 60’s and this one was made for the Sears and Roebuck Company. The “Atomic” logo on the headstock is actually the S R logo Sear’s used in the 60s. They were starting to cut corners, though, and this one lacked the usual support around the F holes.  The top was seriously warped as a result.  It has a solid maple top, maple laminate body, poplar neck, original tuners in good shape, rosewood fingerboard, brass frets, original nut,  steel re-enforced neck, non original bridge and pick guard.


The poplar neck came off easily but had damage to the edge of the dove tail joint. Poplar is a semi-hard wood and damage to this part of the heel is a very common issue. There was enough damage that I chiseled back about 1/4 “ of the edge, then epoxied on a maple replacement "wing" which I trimmed and shaped to match the original profile. This worked so well that I’ll be adding this to the list of repairs I do. 

Work done: Three top cracks glued and cleated, F holes re-enforced, body warp straightened out, dove tail repaired, neck re-set.  Frets leveled, crowned and polished, tuners buffed and lubricated, tailpiece buffed. New rosewood bridge, pick guard and pick guard brace. Finish hand rubbed out with micro mesh, finish touch up to chips and end damage. Instrument adjusted and set up.

While lacking some of the details of fancier Kay guitars, this one is a solid player in excellent condition priced to sell.  It has a beautiful amber sunburst finish, a full, very well balanced tone, with a bit of midrange punch.  It has a very comfortable C profile neck and rosewood fingerboard and plays clean all the way up the neck. No case, but it will be packed carefully and insured.  


A very reasonably priced way to get into arch top guitars.  $SOLD

Late 60's Kay Model 391 Archtop Guitar

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