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"He brings to his music (an) eye for detail and a sense of history...Vivid, original story songs... delivered in his crisp expressive tenor." Dirty Linen Magazine   


Anyone who has ever listened to late night radio (or sat behind the board at 3:00 am wondering if anyone was listening) will relate to the title track, Best Of All Possible Worlds, a tribute to an old late night radio show of the same name. Then there’s the Walnut Fiddle, the story of Homer Bedenbender and his aged home made instrument. The lazy slide guitar and harmonica of Hot Day paint a flawless picture of a steamy August afternoon in the Mississippi Valley while Driving Into The Storm captures that flash point of anger and frustration where driving face first into the lightning seems like the only sane choice. And to shift gears, there’s the bottleneck slide version of Amazing Grace – played on a turn of the century $2.00 Sears and Roebuck guitar which takes that classic gospel song in a whole new direction.

Co-produced with Grammy nominee Rich Adler at Suite 2000 in Nashville, The Best Of All Possible Worlds features some of the best acoustic players in the business: Folks like the late Roy Huskey Jr. on bass, Kenny Malone on drums, Andrea Zohn on fiddle, Deanie Richardson on mandolin, David Schnaufer on dulcimer, Ron Ickes on dobro and Jim Hoke on harmonica.​


"Best Of All Possible Worlds marks Chris Vallillo as a name to remember." John OReagan, Limerick, Ireland

Best Of All Possible Worlds

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    1. Best of All Possible Worlds
    2. Walnut Fiddle
    3. These Hands
    4. Babylon Bend
    5. The Final Harvest
    6. Driving Into the Storm
    7. American Hotel
    8. Hot Day
    9. The Old Building
    10. Amazing Grace
    11. The Cholera Cemetery
    12. The Heartland Prayer
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