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#10, Billboard's Bluegrass Album Chart


"Chris Vallillo takes the audience on a musical journey, making history come alive!” -Phil Funkenbusch, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum


Abraham Lincoln’s life spanned a period of great change, growth and struggle in our young nation, and the music of his era movingly characterizes these remarkable times. I chose the collection of music in this project to shed light on one of history’s most beloved figures, not only as a remarkable leader, but as a man, who knew and loved many of these very songs himself. The songs were recorded on a variety of wonderful old vintage instruments. The project was designed to be educational as well as entertaining, with extensive liner notes including interesting anecdotes about the songs and composers.


On February 12th, 2008 Gin Ridge Records released the CD Abraham Lincoln in Song. It went on to chart at #10 on Billboard Magazines’ Bluegrass Album Charts in March of that year.


From bottleneck slide version of The Battle Cry of Freedom, to the pioneer melody Hoosen Johnny sung by Lincoln and his fellow lawyers on the 8th Judicial Circuit, to the powerful Civil War song We Are Coming Father Abra’am, the listener will garner a better understanding of what drove the interests and passions of one of America’s greatest presidents.


“The sound is both rich and pristine; top-notch all the way.” 

-Blair Jackson, Mix Magazine

“An astonishing piece of work… enlightening, exciting and entertaining!”

 -Rick Kogan, The Sunday Papers, WGN Radio

Abraham Lincoln in Song

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