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This is a very nice, unbranded, solid mahogany Ukelele that I would say is probably from the 20's based on the arched back, the fact that the frets end at the body and that it has the original rosewood violin style friction tuning pegs.  Those are all features of early Hawaiian instruments.   Most factory ukes went to mechanical tuners fairly quickly and the ones that didn't had cheap boxwood tuning pegs. 


This appears to be a fairly well made, middle quality instrument, possibly a Regal, Kay or similar level builder.  Cleary a factory made instruments but still copying the early Hawaiian ukuleles. Solid Mahogany construction, "rope" inlay around sound hole, original brass frets, rosewood tuning pegs and nut, correct replacement bridge. 


Work done:  Two loose braces re-glued, top split closed and glued, loose side and back seams re-glued, correct replacement bridge installed, frets cleaned and polished.   Comes with the original canvas bottom loading case that's missing the end flap.
This Uke is light as a feathered plays like butter with excellent action.  The thin, nearly 100 yr. old mahogany gives it a clear rich, classic tone.  A very nice, very affordable, vintage uke!

1920's Mahogany Ukelele

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