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The Weymann Mandolute was sold buy the Philadelphia-based brand of Weymann and Sons, established 1864. The 'mandolutes' were actually mandolins with 8 strings and tuned exactly like as the same. The scale length is also within the standard mandolin scale; between 13 inches (330 mm) and 13-7/8 inches (352 mm). They advertised using scientific principles to create vibrations power and volume as well as sustained sweet and mellow tones, all in the same instrument.  The Mandolutes
sold from $25 to $75 in 1913.

This one dates to 1916.  It's a style 20 and sustained terrible damage after taking
a fall on it butt end which shattered both the end and the top.  


In September of 2014, I purchased this Mandolute. I’d  been intrigued by these for
years. They looked to be very well made instruments, but were always beyond my
price range. Fortunately the parts were all there, so I decided to buy it as a flyer.


The top was broken in 2 places, with the center section completely loose. The back was broken in 2 places, and coming off, the entire end of mandolin was crushed w/ damaged and missing rope binding and damaged and missing purfling around the sound hole. It hung in the rafters of my workroom until the summer of 2020 when I started working on it while I waited glue to dry on other jobs. It was a major restoration, but came out extremely well.


  • Removed the back, glued split and break, cleated
  • Re-built the shattered maple end 
  • Re-glued and re-built the shattered top sections, cleated
  • Removed, cleaned and re-glued the end block, 
  • Re-installed the original pickguard. 
  • Recreated original purfling and rope binding
  • Finish refurbished with light French polish finish.
  • Tuners (excellent quality by the way) removed, polished and fully re-lubricated. 
  • Loose fingerboard was re-glued  
  • Original bridge rebuilt
  • Re-used the original bone nut.

Serial Number is 19950, Model 20 which dates it to 1916.  In the end, it turned out far better than I ever would have dreamed.  It’s a beautiful, well made instrument with excellent action, a clear, full tone and glorious sustain.This would sound great for old time or early country more than bluegrass and plays very well. The tuners are excellent and have aluminum buttons.

The only one I found for sale at the moment in playing condition is going for $650.00.    


SOLD!  There are two more in line for restoration.


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