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For years I’ve been fixing and restoring old instruments, both as a hobby and as a way to afford vintage guitars, mandolins and banjos. As a a matter of fact, I used about 16 of these instruments on my CD The Last Day of Winter. Now I love bringing old instruments back to life, but I’ve reached the point where I have way too many to keep them all!   

Orphan Instruments is my solution to that problem. My plan is to offer restored, vintage instruments for sale directly to folks at very reasonable prices. Like an old man once told me when I commented on the very affordable prices in his antique store, “There’s the sell it price and the keep it price. I want to sell ’em and move on to the next thing.”  Well that’s my philosophy too.

My goal is to price things well below market price and in such a way that everyday people can afford them. I’ll get my investment back out, make a little money and be able to move on to another project. I have a significant backlog of vintage instruments, primarily turn of the century parlor guitars and mandolins (and a couple banjo's).  I there is something  special you are looking for, email me and I'll see what I have in storage and move it to the front of the line.

All instruments I offer will be fully repaired, restored and set up for playing. Most will receive much more time and attention than they might normally receive at a standard repair shop and each will be a unique piece of musical history. Best of all, they’ll be priced to sell within a working musician's budget.

Instruments Currently For Sale

I am currently selling my instruments on this website and on  I price them very reasonably so they tend to sell fast and I frequently don't  get a chance to list them on this page. Click here to be taken to my page for the latest listings. 

Instruments Sold

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